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Kajaria Wellness

A robust e-commerce web based solution

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About Kajaria Wellness

Kajaria Wellness is an Indian based company which uses a fully automated plant which complies with all health standard protocols observed to ensure swift and healthy delivery of non woven 3ply surgical masks. Our goal is to provide and deliver quality
assured products at a competitive price edge in the industry as we aim to become a Global trusted brand.

Our Role

We worked on the UI/UX designs and both front-end and back-end development. Our role in the project to make something easy to access and user friendly. During such a pandemic we did try to make everything as planned and systematic as possible.

Research & Planning

The discovery phase is very important for any project. We started with the basic research about the target audience, styling, competitors, inspirational websites and others. Since it was for a wellness field, we did try to make it as calm as possible. Soothing colors as well as minimum items with maximum utility.


It was a very serious kind of project we did. This pandemic was very harsh to each and everyone of us. This project we did might help few people be aware and buy masks and protect themselves as well as the society they live in. Stay Safe.

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